Monday, May 8, 2017

Weekend Recap

Our weekend started out pretty wet on Friday, but we didn't end up getting as much rain as had been forecast so we were lucky.  I went with Dave to pick up his race packet for the Good Life Half Marathon on Friday afternoon.  I got a great photo of him with his bib but I don't have it anymore (story to follow).   Dave's dad was going to be running the half marathon with him so he and Dave's mom came up on Friday to spend the weekend with us.  They arrived about mid-afternoon and then I went to the grocery store to get stocked up.  When I got back, my phone met its demise and plummeted from the counter to the kitchen floor.  I had a cracked screen already with an LCD liquid leak but this was too much for it and the screen was toast.  It didn't shatter or anything but the screen is completely unusable.  It was upsetting #firstworldproblems.  Luckily Dave had just revived my old phone so E could play games on it, so he moved the SIM card over, I re-downloaded Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and put my Gmail account back on.  I am hoping that I can simply get the screen fixed and the rest will be fine.  (And this is why my nice photo of Dave at the race expo is held hostage for now.)

After all of that excitement, Dave's mom and I headed to the school to pick up E and go to Bingo Night!!  We sat with some of E's friends and had a great time.  Although we didn't win anything, we had pizza, chips, chocolate milk, and an ice cream sandwich.

On Saturday morning, we had pancakes and fruit for breakfast.  Then we walked up the street to get a few things.  It was not raining so Dave and his dad went out on the roof to unclog the rain gutters.  E was a big help turning the hose on and off when they needed it.  

E had earned a gift card to Indigo for the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser and so I took him down to the Indigo at Bay and Bloor to pick something out.  He brought along some money from his piggy bank too.  He spent a lot of time looking at everything and had a Lego set in his hand, ready to go, but then he saw a Perplexus maze ball and chose that instead.  I had never heard of it before but he said he had played with them at school and wanted one of his own.  This is a pretty neat little toy and we have all had fun with it. 

The inside of the ball has little pathways for the ball to travel along, but if you're too quick or slow then the ball falls off and you have to start again.  The one he has three different pathways.

We had a big dinner of lemon pasta, and grilled chicken and vegetables for our runners to bulk up for the big race in the morning.  

Bright and early on Sunday morning and they were ready to go.

We drove down to see them at the finish line.  It was chilly but at least it was dry and above zero!


Proud of Dad after the race! His time was a PB at 1:37.  We even saw some friends who raced or were cheering.  Toronto may be big but it can feel small too.

Mark also had a personal best, and this was Cliff's first half marathon and he finished under 2 hours. 
The training pays off

After the run we had this breakfast casserole.  E went to a birthday party and Q napped, and I got to spend a few minutes on the couch with my Starbucks, book, and sunshine.  I didn't run any races, or get any medals, but it was still a busy day!

We bid farewell to the Raptors as they were swept by the Cavs.  Disappointing finish to a great season.  We'll see what next year will bring and who will be on the roster/coaching staff.  We decided to order some food for dinner and then we watched the movie about the Chilean miners, The 33.  I of course remember that event, but I forgot a lot of the details and it was interesting to see it played out for us (side note, Antonio Banderas has not aged a day).  We have been on a kick of watching movies based on true events lately and most of them have been really good.  I like to read the IMDB and Wikipedia pages afterwards to see how the movies deviate from the truth.

Now my goal for this week is to fix my phone because I'm living in 2015 with my old phone and have nothing on my calendar or in my contacts.  Plus my OS is too old to support new Instagram so I can't watch any Instastories! (I know, another #firstworldproblem.)


  1. They may be first world problems but they certainly are tragic :-). What a fun and busy weekend

  2. That was a busy weekend! The perplexus ball looks like a fun challenge!

  3. Hi Sarah!! I love this and your pics, your weekends always sound so jam-packed with life! Making me nostalgic for TO too : )