Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Weekend Recap

Jillian Harris (former Bachelorette and host of Love It or List It Vancouver) posted something last week that asked how you would love to spend your long weekend.  She said:
A) Take off camping in a beautiful secluded forest with no cell service.
B) Winery touring with your closest friends.
C) Have a mellow weekend at home getting caught up on things during the day and R&R at night. 

We definitely chose "C" for our weekend.  We do like camping but it was chilly and damp this weekend so we were glad we were close to home.  On Friday afternoon I ran up to school to get E and then he biked home and I ran behind him.  We made supper, and Dave and I watched Inferno after the kiddos went to bed.  

In the morning, I made french toast and this guy joined me at the counter. 

We did some stuff around the house and in the yard in the morning.  We had lunch and then went to Home Depot to pick up a few things, including some geraniums for our front step.  We made some pizza and garlic fingers for supper and then walked up to Bake Sale to get our first ice cream cone of the season.

I was tired on Saturday evening so although we tried watching Jason Bourne, I tapped out early and went to bed. 

On Sunday morning, it was rainy.  We got out our rain gear and went to church. 
(Q hasn't completely caught onto the group selfie)

E keeps himself entertained during the first part of the service by drawing mazes on the back of the bulletin. 

In the afternoon I picked up some groceries and then made banana muffins. We braved the rain and walked up the street to a local pub for dinner.  It was nice and cozy in there and we enjoyed our meals.  

On Monday we watched Storks and then we all got ready to go for a run to High Park.  My exercise class is going to work out in the park during the summer and this was the first session.  It was nice to have Dave and E accompany us but usually it will just be Q and me.  Dave and E went to the playground while I was working out.  I brought a blanket for Q to play on but he was sleepy and just stayed in the stroller.

After we got home and had lunch, Q and I had a nap while Dave and E did some stuff around the house.  We didn't go anywhere for the rest of the day and it was nice and relaxing.  We made chicken burgers for supper.  I usually make beef burgers and this was a nice change.  We have a few busy weekends coming up so it was nice to have this long weekend at home to get caught up on stuff. 

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