Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Christmas Recap Part 1

I took off the Friday before Christmas and this was me in the car on my way home from work.  I decided to stop into the grocery store since it was supposed to snow all the next day but it wasn't too busy.

Dave's parents came that afternoon and we ate his mom's tourtière for supper with some mustard pickles and regular pickles.  Dave's sister had flown in the night before so I took her with me to my holiday workout.  We did 75 minutes of HIIT, barre, and yoga.  It was a good way to start my holiday.

It snowed over night and into the next day but it wasn't too bad.  I went for a walk to pick up the turkey and some other things for Christmas dinner.  After lunch and Q's nap we all piled in the car to visit the Distillery Christmas Market.  It had been a few years since we had gone so it was nice to see all of the things and taste some yummy treats.  Then when the sun went down it got really cold and really crowded and Q started crying so we decided to leave. 

Since we had eaten enough at the market, we just had a meat and cheese tray for our snack while watching some Netflix.   The next morning was Saturday.  I left early to get gas and do some errands (including picking up our lobsters for later on that night).  Dave's mom and sister went shopping and then we all met at the ROM for the Viking exhibit. 

Grabbing the Viking sword

Kyla and E finished the puzzle so we could clear it off of the table.

We needed a clear table for our lobsters! We order them from de la mer on Roncesvalles and they come from Shelburne County.

Dave's perfect potatoes

Q threw the piece of lobster we gave him on the floor so we said we weren't going to waste anymore on him! At least not this year.

After supper we played Catan Junior that Kyla had brought for E.  We have never played the adult version but the kid one seemed to be my speed.  E loved it and picked up on some strategy right away.

On Christmas Eve we went to church in the morning as E was singing in the choir.  This is the front of the church with the nativity and poinsettias. 

In the afternoon we did some buzzing around to get ready for the big day and watched a few shows. I made this salad to eat before church and tide us over until our big Christmas Eve feast

After church we got into our PJs, ate, and played some games.  When the Santa Tracker said Santa was near, E got his snack out for him and then went to bed.

Having a few oysters.

I hid some candy canes around the living room and then we turned out the lights and E tried to find them all with a flashlight.

We all tried to draw a Christmas scene on a paper plate held on the top of our heads.  After this we played a few rounds of Christmas charades. 

I finished my Christmas book while I sat by the tree.  This is my favourite time of the holidays, when everything is ready for the big day.

This little guy peaked in on us while we watched a movie.

Recap continues tomorrow.


  1. Great pictures! Lots of fun and good eats! And lots of love! Thanks for sharing.