Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Christmas Recap Part 2

Continuing our Christmas celebrations today.  See Part 1 here.  

On Christmas morning I woke up at about 6:45 so I snuck downstairs to get coffee and fruit ready. Then everyone else got up and we organized ourselves to start opening presents.  E remembered that we usually get lotto tickets in our stockings so he said he would work on that if we needed to wait for the others to get up.  

First Santa gift, a Ninjago Lego set.  He also got a Star Wars Lego set from Santa which was good to keep him busy during the cold days following Christmas.

My own loot!

This little guy was pretty excited too.  He understood about his own gifts and played with them.  He had to go for a nap before all of his gifts were opened but he eventually enjoyed them all. 

After a little bit we took a break to have some breakfast.  Fruit, bacon, and a cranberry orange french toast casserole.

I put the turkey on with plans of being done around 4:30 but when you choose convect roast, it will be done in two hours instead of four so we ended up eating at 3:45 instead. Thankfully Dave's mom was here and we worked hard to get everything on the table a little sooner than expected.  

And another with our crowns.  Q did not want to wear his!

A happy consequence of eating early was that it was still light out after dinner so we were able to go for a walk and take a few sled runs down the hill.

Boxing Day was an easy day for us, and very cold outside, and I actually didn't feel well for a couple of days so I laid low myself.  E built his Lego and Q ran around with his new toys.  

On the 27th, Dave's mom and sister made us eggs benedict from scratch which was a nice treat.

Then we did some snuggling to watch more movies. 

We tried a new restaurant (to us) on Dundas West, Antler.  The food and drinks were very tasty and the kids were well behaved - success!

On the 28th, our guests left and I didn't do much except go out to the store for a couple of errands.  Dave took E sledding for a couple of hours, but no photos.

On the 29th we visited the new grocery store, Nations, at the Stockyards, complete with indoor playground and arcade.  E had a great time running around in there, Q had some pork dumplings, and Dave and I were amazed at all of the different foods they had, it is an Asian grocery store (with Western food too) so there were live fish and various different meat and produce.  If you need any size rice noodle, this is your spot!

After we got home and had macaroni and cheese with brussels sprouts (!), Dave and I watched the rest of Mindhunter.  Since I was unable to stay up late when everyone else was watching this show over the holidays I had to binge watch it over two days, but I did it!  Good show and great characters!

On the 30th E worked in his new workbook.  This is just an activity book for grade 1 students based on the Canadian curriculum.  It is broken out into Math, English, Science and Social Studies.  E may not always want to sit down and try to read a book, but he does like these workbooks. 

After Q's nap we thought we would try out Winter at Ontario Place.  They have an ice rink there, a bonfire, and light displays.  The sun was out but it was cold!

E and I tried out the skating rink, but it is artificial ice and it is hard to skate on.  I think it will just be real ice for us from now on.

While we skated Dave and Q kept warm by the fire. 

We had a cozy dinner of vegetable curry and rice and then the boys went to bed.  Dave and I watched Dunkirk; I really enjoyed it. 

On New Year's Eve, I went to church by myself.  We had a bit of a carol sing and hot cider and cookies were served in the sanctuary to enjoy during the service.  It was all very cozy.

I did some errands in the afternoon and then we got ready to party!  Our neighbours had invited us over for a kid friendly party with Chinese food and early celebrations (originally the plan was to go sledding and do fireworks, but with -22 weather we opted to stay inside).  The early night did not materialize. We ended up putting Q to bed there, changing E into his pajamas while he snuggled on the couch, and then walking home at around 1:30.  (Despite the late night, Q and I were still up by 7:30 the next morning.) 

(Missing one baby who had already gone to bed!)

For New Year's Day we did more of the same of watching TV and staying inside.  We did manage to get our Christmas gifts put away and I sorted through my clothes and got rid of some.  All in all it was a wonderful holiday!

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