Thursday, January 25, 2018

Refreshing your home

After we put away our Christmas decorations, Dave always jokes that it looks like our house has been robbed.  Since January can be a lean month for spending, I want to find some inexpensive ways to refresh our house after the holiday decorations have been stored.

Change up some framed photos. Print off some more recent ones and put them in existing frames. I just got some photos printed, now to frame them and maybe do a gallery wall in the basement with the many frames we already own but don't use anymore.  This is a little sneak peak of Q's school photos, one that I printed off to frame.  I'll share some more next week.

Move blankets around. If you're like me you have several throw blankets around.  Mix it up with some ones in the closet or in another part of the house you haven't used in awhile, or bring down a small quilt instead.

Use a fresh bar of colourful soap in the bathroom.  I stopped buying Bath and Body Works pump soap and have switched to more natural bars of soap, like the ones from Maison Apothecare.

Take some vases, pitchers or bowls out of the cupboard and use as decorations on your mantle or tables.  Even a colourful mixing bowl can find a home somewhere else.

Spend small amounts for a quick refresh.  You can get bathmats at Ikea for $7, or some new tea towels and hand towels for less than $5 each.  I have lots of tea towels, but I do plan to get a new bathmat the next time I'm at Ikea.  Small plants or bouquets of flowers also give a room a makeover for a low cost.

Clean, tidy, and declutter.  I know this one is obvious but it is free and does a lot for any room.  Don't wait for spring cleaning to get in there.

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  1. Great ideas! Especially the digging around in the closets to feature or use a forgotten dish or quilt! A bowl of lemons 🍋 is cheery, too. Costco has them in bags, reasonably priced.