Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Weekend Recap

On Friday night Dave made a tomato, red lentil, and chick pea curry for supper.  It called for a apple mango chutney to serve on the side, but instead we served the apple butter that Dave's sister made for us for Christmas.  It was a hit! We enjoyed most of the rather large jar, and Q kept motioning for more! He liked the curry too, but mostly because of the apple butter.   After supper and bedtime, Dave and I watched Get Out.  I had heard a few things about it because I follow Allison Williams on Instagram, but I didn't really know about the plot.  It is a well done movie, I was on edge the entire time.

Dave and E started out to slopes first thing on Saturday morning.  It was a warm day which makes everything much easier.  Lots of friends up on the hill.

Meanwhile Q and I had swimming, and them home for a nap.  Q slept for awhile so we had lunch before heading out for our errands.  Leftover curry mixed with pasta stars (and of course some more apple butter).  After a week of cranky Q, this smiley guy at lunch was a welcome change. 

After a trip to the grocery store, we took a quick walk down to the Humber River to see the flooding.  Last week when the temperatures warmed up to 10 degrees C, the ice came flowing down the river and up over the banks.  Then it rained and the water didn't go anywhere.  It would have been a good skating rink if it was flatter.

You can see the garbage cans in the middle of the photo and see how high the water is there.  That is supposed to be the parking lot.

ON the other side of the bridge by the tennis courts. 

We had my friend Janna over for supper and a movie on Saturday night. I made this pasta, and we had salad and garlic bread too.  We watched Loving, about the interracial couple that finally got the marriage laws changed in the United States.  It was a good movie, but a little slow at times 

On Sunday morning Q and I got up around 6:45 and he actually sat on the couch with me while I watched This Is Us while I fed him a pita.  It was very relaxing and I was glad to catch up on my show.  Then I made some omelettes for breakfast. 

Dave stayed home from church to exercise and clean the house.  The boys and I went to church. I was volunteering in the nursery so I brought Q up to enjoy the first part of the service before going down with the rest of the Sunday School.  He did pretty well and only knocked over the basket of crayons once. 

After lunch, naps, and a movie, we all headed up the street to pick up some supper ingredients and stuff at the Bulk Barn.  

While I made supper, I also made a lemon meringue pie.  When E heard the beaters, he ran over and asked to help out. So he finished whipping up the meringue.  He did a good job.

After everything was cleaned up, we watched SNL that we had recorded and then tried to get to bed early to tackle the week ahead. 

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