Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday Favourites

Today I'm talking about the things I picked up when I was in Chicago.  Our dollar may not be favourable right now but we managed to spend a few bucks.

We made more than one trip to Target and I lamented again that they left Canada.  I tried on two bathing suits and ended up getting both.  They were only $34 each!  Even if they only last one year, and I doubt that since the seem like very good quality, they were a good deal.  Bring on the pool!

I also picked up these pjs at Target too.  They are so comfortable. just shorts and a tank top.

Another good stop is always Sephora. Most of the things are the same in Canada, but I always love picking up new things while I am on holiday.  I had tried out this bronzer at Nordstrom's last month but didn't buy it that day.  Cindy recommended this brand for eye shadow so I got silver and purple.  My favourite part is that the pots of shadow fit into the case by a magnet.

Also a recommendation from Cindy, and something I just threw in my bag at Nordstrom Rack, was this sunscreen stick.  It smells delicious and is nice and small to bring along with you to reapply to your face and arms if caught in the sun too long.

I also got a new Kate Spade purse at Nordstrom Rack.  It is a nice size and has a shoulder strap option.  

I also picked up flip flops, a couple of tops, and clothes for the kids.  Nothing for Dave but the popcorn!

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  1. Great finds! Nice to have a friend to go shopping with on vacation!