Thursday, June 21, 2018

Summer Goals

I wrote about some summer food goals here but here are some other things we want to do this summer.

We love going down to swim at the Sunnyside Pool and then eat the cafe.   I hope we can do that at least once this summer. 

We have not been to Canada's Wonderland since the first summer we moved here.  I am so freaked out by the big roller coasters but I still want to go on them.  I think E will love it and there may be some things Q can go on too. 

Every time we have gone to the Toronto Islands we have gone to Centreville, which is fun, but it doesn't leave much time for the beach, splash pad or playground.  We would like to go over with the plan of doing the beach all day.  

Let's Go Blue Jays!  We have not been to any Blue Jays games yet but we need to get there. We took Q last year and although he fell asleep, he did well.  E has been going for several years so he likes it and may appreciate it all the more since he has been playing his own t-ball games. 

Take E down to the bike park by the Lakeshore.  He had fun there last year and it never seems to be very crowded.

I asked E what he would like to do and he named a bunch of things, most of which we are already planning to do, but he also said "make nachos" so we can definitely add that to the list!

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