Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Media Wednesday

This month I checked Little Fires Everywhere, by Celeste Ng, off my reading list (see that here).  I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it.  It has been awhile since I was this engaged in a book and wanted to keep reading to find out what would happen.  Like many good books, it starts with an event and then goes back to fill in the lead up to that event.  It follows the Richardson family - mom, dad, four teenage kids - and the mother and daughter that live in the Richardson's rental property.   The setting is an idyllic suburb of Cleveland where everything has been planned and created to be "just so".  It is also set in the late 1990s which I thought was an interesting choice, but also made it more relatable since I was the same age as the kids in the book at that time.  

What I enjoyed about the book was that it just told the story, developed the characters, and made you weigh the choices made by those characters.  It doesn't get into minute detail, doesn't have any sort of literary tricks, or big 'a-ha' moments, it's just a good read. The plot is easy to follow and it makes good sense. 

Pick this up for some good summer reading - a little more meat than a beach read, but not too heavy.

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