Friday, June 22, 2018

Friday Favourites

Q likes to put his spoon or fork in his mouth like the and hum.  He thinks he's pretty funny.

I picked up this lotion a few weeks ago at Nordstrom.  It smells nice but isn't too over powering. 

I got to golf on Wednesday this week and although I was terrible, it was a beautiful day and I was happy to be out on the course. 

I love sporting events with nations compete so we have been paying attention to the World Cup.  I love seeing the various flags around the city for people supporting their teams.  I am Team England, Dave is going for Germany, and E picked Costa Rica from the list of flags I showed him.

We went out to our favourite pizza place on Thursday night.  I wanted to take more photos but when I got my phone out Q just wanted to hold it and when I tried to take it away he would shriek, so once I finally wrestled it away from him, I just put it away. I did snap this one of Q eating the arancini (rice balls) that E had ordered. 

I see I need to take a few more pictures of E so I'll try to that this weekend.   Have a good one!

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