Wednesday, June 13, 2018

How We Wednesday

Today's topic is how we plan our summer vacations.  Last year I posted about how I figure out which day camps E will go to each week.  Things have not changed much this year, although we did choose some different camps based on some recommendations from other parents.  Aside from a couple of City of Toronto camps, E will also be attending a theatre camp, golf camp, and a Wacky Sports camp.  There will be some friends at these camps too, which is great since it is always nice to see a familiar face.  

We are doing our usual family camping trips - Sandbanks for Canada Day Weekend, and Pinery for Labour Day Weekend - and we planned a third trip with our neighbours at Algonquin in the middle of the summer.   

We are travelling to Nova Scotia to see my family in Halifax and Dave's family in Cape Breton.  We also have a family wedding at the end of the summer, north of Toronto, and lots of people are coming in town for that so we will take a few days off that week to spend time with them.  So far we have a Blue Jays game booked, and there is also talk of Canada's Wonderland.  

That seems busy enough and we don't want to make any more big plans.  The few weekends that we will be in Toronto will be spent enjoying our own city.  E has lots of t-ball at High Park, and we also want to make sure we go swimming, bike, and enjoy some patio food and drink. 

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