Monday, June 18, 2018

Three Things

Three things going on with us at the moment...

Q (21 months)

1. Q very much likes to his own cup, his own ice cream cone, his own taco, and he does not want t take some of yours while you're holding onto it.  Then he screeches and you have to let him.  

He also needed his own bubbles (which he promptly dumped out).

2. He is copying what we say more and he has the cutest little voice when he says "no" or "shoes". His elocution needs work but he'll get there.  We aren't worried.

3.  Q loves being outside and will sometimes head out to the backyard by himself if we are taking too long to get ready in the mornings.  When he does see we are getting ready to go, he will bring everyone their shoes (not the ones they are going to be wearing that day necessarily) and gets his jacket and hat.

1. Every child in North America (it seems) is doing the floss dance.  I asked E if he knew how to do and he says he's "working on it".  

2.  His school had a party in the playground last week with lots of bouncy castles, a BBQ, games, cake walk, and music.  He had a great time running around, but I think his favourite part was the cheesies. 

3.  E's soccer skills are improving.  He played goalie last week and stopped a few.  He also has no fear about going straight for another player the ball (as his mother yells from the sidelines, "play the body!", just kidding).  Here he is posing for his photos last week.

1.  Dave attended the father's day party at Q's school last week.  We sure got lucky with Dave as the dad in this family!

2. He is getting ready for his annual golf trip with the boys from out east.  This year they are headed to Moncton.

3.  Dave mows the grass about 10 times a week (or so it seems); he's always looking after it and watering it.  We have a manual push mower and the blade was a little off this week so he flagged down the blade sharpening guy (if you live in Toronto, you know who I mean) and got the mower sharpened along with our knives.  

1.  I am enjoying sitting outside in the evenings to blog, read, or just enjoy the weather.  I am happy our backyard is a little more usable than it has been in the past, and that the weather has been nice. 

2. I have lots of books to read right now.  I have a parenting book, a novel Dave got me for my birthday, and a library book from my reading list.

3. We are not strictly following our meal plan but I am still trying to make healthy choices throughout the week.  I sometimes get tired up cutting up all the vegetables and I got behind on making soup and healthy snacks to keep in the freezer.  I need to get back into that this week.

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  1. Yes it becomes harder to eat healthy during the week when so much is going along! We chug along as best as we can during the day though! Yay for lots of books to read, soccer and bubbles!!