Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Weekend Recap

 We had a simple long weekend at home.  It was interesting to think that it was our third Easter weekend in the pandemic, and even though there are less restrictions now, I felt like we could keep going with our at home Easter activities. 

I went for a run on Friday morning.

When I got home, Dave went for a run, and then I got the boys started on doing some Easter drawings.  We like Art for Kids Hub on YouTube. 

And then I put the livestream of the Good Friday church service on and did some colouring of my own while Q kept drawing.  E had abandoned us for video games. 

In the afternoon Dave did some yard work and spread out some dirt with our neighbour.  Q tagged along to climb their tree. 

We ordered fish and chips for pick up from the golf club and that worked out so well.  It was easy to pick up and it was good.  Last year Dave waited for a long time to pick up our fish ad chips so we were happy that the club offered this option.  Q did like his meal but didn't feel like smiling. 

Then we went to the movies! We saw Sonic 2. 

On Saturday morning, Q had his last session of skating. 

We decorated our Easter cake when we got home. 

I had actually thought of not putting up our Easter tree this year since I was so late at getting the decorations out, but Q was excited to decorate, so I found a branch that had fallen in our yard after the high winds on Friday night and used that.  Q and E did all of the decorating and did a great job!

Then I got them to come back to pose by the cake.

We walked up to see the Easter Bunny and grab some lunch.

We picked up some noodles at Noodle Me, and Booster Juice for the kids. 

The Easter activities keep coming, we dyed eggs after we got back.

We watched the Raptors game on Saturday night, which did not go well :( 

On Sunday morning we found that the Easter Bunny had been here to leave some treats for everyone and hid some eggs too.

I enjoyed some of our dyed eggs for my breakfast, along with the Easter version of panettone bread.

Then we dressed up and went to church.

After church we decided to get outside for a walk around High Park.  It was a bit chilly but the sun was out for the most part.

In the afternoon we made Resurrection Rolls.  We have made these before and just like the Easter tree I was going to forego this activity but then E asked if we were going to make them so I made sure we did.  You did a large marshmallow in butter, sugar, and cinnamon and then wrap it inside a Pillsbury crescent roll dough.  The marshmallow represents Jesus and then after you bake it, the marshmallow disappears so when you open the "tomb", he is gone, just like in the Bible story. 

We watched some Blue Jays and rested, then the kids went outside to play with the neighbours while Dave and I got dinner ready.

We had ribs and salad. 

We watched some TV and tried to get to bed at a decent hour.  

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful weekend! I love how your eggs, cake, and Easter tree all turned out.