Wednesday, April 27, 2022

What's up Wednesday

 What we're eating this week...

Sunday - I had a spinach salad and popcorn at the movies.
Monday - Steak, mushrooms, salad
Tuesday - Sweet and Sour Pork
Wednesday - Pancetta and Pea Pasta
Thursday - Work dinner at Buca
Friday - Beer Butt Chicken
Saturday - Penne and Turkey Meatballs (carb loading for Dave's half marathon on Sunday)

What I'm loving...

E has been getting himself to piano lessons instead of us having to drive him and pick him up.  His lesson is on the way home from school so he's just been playing in the schoolyard and then leaves in time to get to his lesson.  And conveniently piano is near a coffee shop so he's been bringing money to buy some treats to take home for himself and Q. 

What we've been up to...

Getting back into a bit of a routine in the last couple of weeks.  After semi-lockdown, followed by two trips, and then actually getting Covid, we seem to be emerging back into the real world.  Our weekday routine is kicking into high gear with E's baseball and tutoring starting next week, and soon Q's soccer.  

What I'm dreading...

See reference to sports and tutoring above.  It just means suppers and workouts will have to be shifted to accommodate those things.  I do hate rushing around but it is all worth it for the kids to be finally back into some activities.  It just takes a little extra planning, which is one of my strengths. 

What I'm working on...

I'm trying to do a better job of setting aside specific time for my administrative tasks at work.  I tend to just let them go and then rush to complete them, but I'm now putting blocks of time in my calendar to dedicate to those things.  It seems to be working so far. 

What I'm excited about...

Last Thursday I met Dave and the boys on my way home from the office for supper at a cool restaurant on Bloor.   We all took the subway and just met in the middle.  We want to make this a regular thing and try out different places. 

What I'm wearing...

Well I'm not wearing them yet but I did get two new pairs of shorts at the Gap the other day, and someday it will be warm enough to wear them.  I went through the kids' dressers earlier this month and now I need to sort through my own clothes and figure out what else I may need for summer. 

What I'm watching/reading...
We are watching three shows right now - Severance, We Crashed, and Anatomy of a Scandal.  We are also still watching our Raptors in the playoffs, Game 6 is tomorrow night! Blue Jays games and F1 races are also on the TV.  Hockey playoffs start this weekend and like any good resident of Toronto, we will be tuning in to see the Leafs. 

I'm finishing up my fourth book of the month and will post about what I read on Monday.

What I'm listening to...
I posted about my workday playlists here

What I'm doing this weekend...

Q has ball hockey on Saturday morning.  On Sunday morning Dave is running a half marathon so we will be cheering on the runners at the finish line. 

What I'm looking forward to next month...
My mom's visit, our wedding anniversary, kids' sports getting underway, and hopefully some warmer weather. 

What else is new...

We got a new Dyson vacuum this week so that's pretty exciting! Haha.  It's the handheld stick version so it's easy to use on the stairs and furniture.  It's like this one, but not exactly:

Resolutions Check In...

I actually did a good job of the one on one time this weekend with the kids - taking E shopping and then walking to the park with Q.  I have cleaned up the toys and clothes and I'm seeing two friends this week.  I still haven't made any food donations but I will make that a priority next month.  

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  1. good luck to Dave on his marathon. I want a stick vacuum for my stairs. is yours cordless?

    1. Yes it is! It makes it so much easier to grab than the big vacuum!

  2. Good luck to Dave on the 1/2 marathon! That's amazing! And maybe I will ask for that vacuum for my birthday! HAHAHA!!!

  3. Good luck to Dave on the 1/2 marathon! That's amazing!!! And maybe I will ask for that vacuum for my birthday! HAHAHA!!!

  4. We got a handheld stick vacuum nearly a year ago now and we just LOVE it! I honestly think I should have gone cordless years ago as I had a horrible habit of sucking up the cord and destroying it.