Monday, April 4, 2022

Down and Out

COVID finally got our family this week putting a pause on all of our activities for a few days.  Nothing to report here other than we are all experiencing minor symptoms and most of us are on the mend now.  I'll be back later this week when we are back in the world.  I am glad that when we finally did get COVID that we are only subject to the five day isolation period and that we have many at home antigen tests.  


  1. Noooooooo. I'm sorry to hear this and hope your experience is mild. On the bright side, many RATs and five days of isolation are good.

  2. COVID got us too...I hope it passes soon through all of you and that you're all better relatively quickly. So strange how this affects everyone so differently - my youngest rebounded in 24-48 hrs but my older one who has asthma is harder hit. I never had any sore throat or headache but my biggest symptom was/is crazy fatigue. My husband seems to have escaped even though our house is a germ factory...mystery???! Hope you're all better soon.

  3. Prayers that you all recover quickly & without any long term affects.