Friday, June 10, 2022

Friday Favourites

You know how I wrote last week that June is the best month?  Well June was off to a roaring start to keep that title!

The Canadian Open golf tournament is in town and the practice facilities at are Dave's course.  Dave and E golfed on Tuesday night and checked out some of the guys on the practice tees.  E was supposed to do a junior clinic with Corey Conners (our Canadian golfer) but it was cancelled due to rain, which was too bad, I think he would have really enjoyed it!

I was in Montreal last weekend and did a bit of shopping: 

From The Bay.  Hard to tell the length but it falls below my knee. 

I had to get the white Birks!

A couple of t-shirts from anthropologie and Madewell (found at The Bay).

Navy pants, sweater, and light top, all for work.  The brand is Mango, really affordable, and so comfortable!

This dress is from Simons, I couldn't get a good full length photo to show but it's loose and comfortable, and has pockets!

I also got a bunch of fun stuff at Sephora, including my free birthday gift, but I'll share those things next week. 

We went out for dinner on Wednesday night to kick off my birthday celebrations.   The Crooked Cue is always reliable and this time we saw a bunch of people from church so we got to say hi to them.

My favourite birthday cake!

On my actual birthday I got the Union Chicken OG Chicken Sandwich for my lunch. 

And then my birthday drink from Starbucks, and a doughnut from the farmer's market.

We had several hours at the ball field last night since both boys had practice.  We were treated to this rainbow on our way home. 

For those of you who have not seen Top Gun Maverick yet, do yourselves a favour and get out to see it as soon as possible.  I have no complaints, everything was perfect.  And once you've seen it and if you really like detailed movie conversations, check out The Big Picture podcast from The Ringer.  They do an episode on the 100 things they loved about the movie.  

On Monday on Not Just A Mom we are going to be talking about Dream Travel Locations so plan to link up with us if you have a blog.  

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Cute finds and happy belated birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Sarah! Looks like you had a wonderful week celebrating. I love white birkenstocks and I wear mine all summer long. I can't wait to see Top Gun Maverick, I keep hearing that it's great and better than the first movie. I watched the original movie as a teenager when it was first released. I really enjoyed all the action scenes and the music but wasn't convinced by the romance part. I remember leaving the cinema disappointed because I really wanted to love the movie and I just didn't.