Thursday, June 23, 2022

Favourite Kitchen Items

Back in 2015 I posted about some favourite kitchen gadgets, and I thought it was time to update this list a bit so I'm doing a round up of favourite kitchen items. 

"Gadgets"(Clockwise from left)
1. Strainer (a collapsable strainer that we use to rinse berries and cherry tomatoes)
2. Oil Dispenser 
3. Kitchen Scissors 
4. Citrus Juicer 
5. Cherry/Olive Pitter

Coffee Mugs (Clockwise from left)
1. Pottery from Shelburne, NS
2. New owl birthday mug from Indigo
3. Starbucks mug from New York City
4. Saor Studio mug, gift from a friend
5. CBC Information Morning Mug - gift from Don Connelly and Bob Fournier of the Science Corner

Small Appliances
1. Coffee Maker
2. Vitamin Blender
3. Griddle
4. Dyson cordless vacuum
5. Waffle Maker

Features of our kitchen
1. Open concept
2. Large Island
3. Black countertops
4. Hidden microwave and appliance hutch
5. Chalkboard wall

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