Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Why June is the Best Month

To start, I have some disappointing news - the Union Station Summer Market is not happening as I originally thought, boo!! I was so excited but I guess I was looking at an old website.  I was expecting them to start building it this week and when I didn't see any activity around Union Station, I had to double check, and I can't find anything about 2022, so no market :(  I know that you're all disappointed too, haha.  I'll just have to get my OG Chicken Sandwich to go and sit outside by myself!

So aside from that, June is my favourite month and it starts today!  This is why I love June:

An obvious one is my birthday is in June!  I think this is the perfect month to have a birthday since it's equal distance from Christmas. So presents every 6 months, haha!  

The weather always gets nice and hot in June and triggers lots of late afternoon thunderstorms.  

Father's Day is fun to celebrate because we always try to do something that involves physical activity and drinks outside - often a bike ride to a brewery or patio.

Because school is wrapping up there are always lots of fun activities and dress up days.  It also means I get to do one of my favourite instagram posts of the year - comparing the kids first and last days of school.

The city is alive as people start to emerge from winter (and a usually cool spring).  It's like the perfect balance of people.  Torontonians are still in town and not at the cottage in June, and there aren't too many tourists here yet (just kidding, we love you tourists!). 

People are keen to get together before the summer, so there are lots of patio lunches happening. 

It's Pride Month which means our city is decorated with rainbows everywhere.

We head out on our first camping trip of the year, usually to Algonquin or Sandbanks.

The Blue Jays are always fun to watch in June.  Sometimes their season peters out as summer goes on, but in June it's still exciting!

Honourable mention to fresh Ontario asparagus!  Bonus, I heard today it helps with hangovers, who knew?!

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