Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Weekend Recap

What a beautiful weekend we had!  On Saturday I took Q to ball hockey.  The morning started out kind of cool but quickly warmed up when the sun got higher in the sky.

When we got home we planted our herbs that I had picked up the day before. 

We watched the F1 qualifying after lunch and then I went to get my haircut while Dave took the boys to the driving range.  I had a few minutes of quiet by myself in the backyard before everyone got home. 
It still counts as outdoor time even if they are watching the iPad! 

My sunglasses matched my beer. 

We were off to church on Sunday morning. 

In the afternoon we went to a birthday party for one of our neighbours.


We ordered pizza when we got home from that for an easy supper and (I) tried watching the recorded F1 race, but I had hard time staying awake.  Sorry to see Leclerc miss the podium but I love Checo so happy to see him win!



  1. What a lovely weekend! I just bought a few herbs today that I need to replant.

  2. Great photo of M and E from the party! It was nice seeing you on Sunday. My guess is C and Q will be on adjacent fields tonight, because I have a rare Tuesday softball game (it is usually on Wednesdays), so I won't be there. That beer is really pretty. Seems like you had a pretty perfect weekend!