Thursday, May 19, 2022

Go-to Drinks

Sunny warm weather is here, so doesn't that call for a drink on the patio?  Sitting on a patio is on of my favourite things, and it is usually made better with a drink of some sort.  So what am I ordering? 

Back in 2015, I posted about my restaurant favourites, things that I always order when I'm out at a restaurant.  Occasionally I will try something new, but I typically stick to what I like.  

By type of drink:

Beer - Always a draught beer when I'm at a restaurant.  I can always have a can or bottle at home.  Something that has less than 5.5% alcohol, and usually a blonde or cream ale.  Bonus if they have nitro draught, which is less bubbly. 

Wine - If there is a Sauvignon Blanc on the list, I'll take that, otherwise a Pinot Grigio.  If my dining companions are all drinking red wine, I am happy to share in their bottle, but by the glass, I prefer white.

Cocktails - Usually gin or whisky based, not a big fan of vodka.  Dave and I like to pick a cocktail out for the other person and then surprise them with the choice.  We are pretty good at spotting ones the other would like.

Cider - Very rarely

Coolers - Never 

By location:

Golf Course - Coors Banquet in a can

Golf Club Patio (where Dave is a member) - Whispering Angel Rose (hoping they have it again this year)

Mexican Restaurant - Lime Margarita on the Rocks

Summer Patio Cocktail - Mojito 

Lunchtime - Guinness Draught

Wedding/Catered Affair - Martini with olives

Baseball Game - Draught Beer 

Brunch - Mimosa, but light on the orange juice


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