Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Weekend Recap

 Busy, fun filled long weekend over here!  Dave and I went out for supper to celebrate our anniversary on Friday night.  My mom and the boys ordered Chinese food for their dinner.

Subway selfie.

First we went to the Writers Room, the rooftop restaurant at the Park Hyatt in Yorkville. 

Fantastic view.

Then we went to Bar Reyna for some more drinks and food.


On Sunday morning Dave went golfing, Mom took Q to ball hockey, and I went to E's baseball game. 

Mom and Q stopped by the playground after ball hockey.

Then we met Dave on the golf club patio for lunch. 

For those of you in Southern Ontario on Saturday afternoon, you'll know that this was just before the big storm went through.  We got the alert on our phones and we got out of there quickly after that.  Before that all happened, it was great to be back on the patio. 

We made our pizzas on Saturday night.

On Sunday we watched the F1 race in the morning, exciting race, all in all.   Poor Leclerc.

In the afternoon we boarded the subway with two other families to head to the Blue Jays game. 

I was surprised the roof was open, given the cooler temperatures and rain we had in the morning, but they had it open and it was nice. 

You may remember from Friday's post that my Blue Jays wine glass didn't make it through the last dishwasher run, so my mom and I got new ones at the game.  

On Monday morning we drove my mom to the airport and then we got McDonalds breakfast on the way home. 

Then we waited for Dave to get home from the golf course so we could go our hike. 

Our front tree is in bloom

We met some friends at Hilton Falls for an afternoon hike. 

I thought I should get a photo of us on our actual anniversary :)

Snack break!

Long weekend complete!

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