Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Weekend Recap

What a wonderful weekend filled with all of the Spring things!

First the famous cherry blossoms of High Park.  The blossoms were at peak bloom starting on Thursday so I made sure to plan a run there on Friday morning so I could see them without battling the crowds.  The blossoms were as lovely as ever!


We actually had no internet for most of the day, there was some issue that Dave couldn't fix with the over the phone so we needed a technician to come to the house.  Although I could hot spot my laptop to my phone, I didn't feel like I had a very productive day.

Dave and E went golfing in the afternoon.

So that left Q and I on our own so we walked up to The Dark Horse and had our supper there. 

The boys weren't actually that late - only played 9 holes and then grabbed dinner at the club.  We picked them up and then watched the hockey game.  

On Saturday morning I took Q to ball hockey and Dave took E to the first baseball practice.  Q was in nets for the first half but no shots on goal. 

We started walking home and Q got his haircut, then we played at the playground and got a couple of library books.  Dave was golfing that afternoon again.  E was going to try and meet up with some friends at the school but it didn't work out so he played video games, and Q and I went to his friend's house to play. 

After we got home, we rested for a little bit and then I got the kids to go back outside.  Q decided to do some birdwatching with his binoculars and bird book. He was so serious about it. 

Sunday was Mother's Day of course and I had some nice surprises when I came downstairs in the morning.  Some flowers, cards, gifts, and my favourite breakfast, smoked salmon.

E had found this drink umbrella from somewhere.

The boys went to the driving range and I did a Mother's Day Peloton ride with Robin Arzon and then a morning yoga session. 

The kids played outside for a good part of the afternoon.  I decided to bike to Sweet Pete's Bike Shop to check out their bike panniers.  I need one for biking to work but I didn't want to just order it online without seeing it.  Sweet Pete's had some in stock so I biked over.  Biking was the only way to go since it was the other side of High Park from us and the cherry blossom activity around that place was crazy!!  I have not seen that many people altogether for a long time.  I'm so happy people are out, but also so happy I was not in that crowd! 
I found what I was looking for so I'm excited to try it out on my next ride to work, maybe Thursday.  I liked this brand, Ortlieb, because they are from Europe and I feel like the Europeans really have biking down.

When I got home, we watched the F1 race and the kids played outside again.  Dave had made reservations at our favourite pizza place, Queen Margherita.  We had a delicious meal as always.  The kids took the following series of photos.

Finally got it, even if a little blurry. 

We have been going to this restaurant for so many years and it is fun to look back at previous visits. 

E in 2014

Q in 2018

Then home for bed and preparing for the next week.


  1. Sounds like you had a really lovely Mother's day! Those blossoms are just beautiful. I was noticing a few more trees in bloom down here as I was driving yesterday.