Friday, May 13, 2022

Friday Favourites

I have an action packed Friday Favourites today, it was a busy week!

First, I got a new Apple watch band for Mother's Day, so then I needed a new watch face to go with it. 

I had a colonoscopy on Tuesday. Nothing of concern, just a screening since we have some family history of colon cancer. (All clear by the way.)  If you are considering getting one, or need to, let me know if you have any questions, I'm sure I can put your mind at ease. 

Q lost his first tooth this week! He unfortunately didn't find it on the grounds after it fell out, but the Tooth Fairy still left him some money.  Q looks like Pig Pen from the Peanuts when he gets home from school, proper thing, but our bath times are more frequent now. 

I worked outside on Wednesday for the first time this Spring, it was lovely! I only went inside because my computer was dying.  
(After I took this photo I realized I needed to clean my screen.)

Supper out on Wednesday on the patio at The Swan. 
Portrait mode for everyone.

I biked to work on Thursday again.  I had my new pannier attached and it was great! 

Q had his first session of T-ball this week.  E and I showed up for the end of practice.  Dave said Q was working hard. They don't play an actual game just try out a bunch of stations. 

Enjoy the weekend!!

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  1. So glad the new bag worked out so well! One of our best friends had a son that accidentally swallowed his first three teeth I think. It was so funny that he kept doing that and he was so upset the first time thinking the tooth fairy wouldn't come; but she did. It's amazing how much their faces start changing once they begin losing teeth. Looks like a lovely meal out.

  2. I love your Apple Watch band, so lovely and bright! looks like you all had a fun time at dinner. Also great to hear that all went well with the colonoscopy and everything was clear. xx

  3. I love the t ball pictures!! It feels like looking into my future and I can't wait :) I love what a difference portrait mode makes on pictures-- they look great! Have a great weekend!