Friday, May 20, 2022

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday! For those of you in Canada, happy long weekend! Doesn't everyone just love a long weekend, the best! And this is the official kick off to summer and so we will see if the weather cooperates!

I got another new watch strap, lucky me! Dave ordered it for Mother's Day but it didn't arrive on time.  It's this braided loop and it's nice to change it up. 

Dave was in Chicago for a few days this week.  We missed him, but he had lots of fun at a Cubs game and river cruise.  Same as what I did when I was there in 2018.  And he brought me some Garrett Popcorn :) If you know, you know.

Q started soccer this week and had a great time running around.  It was chilly on Tuesday though! The parents were all freezing on the sidelines. 

E had baseball on Monday night.  I got to chat with a few other moms and we had a great time.

Ice cream afterwards :)

Q actually had batting practice at t-ball this week.

My mom was in town this week and helped with getting the kids to and from school and making dinner.  We did go out on Wednesday night though. 

I posted about my favourite drinks to order when I go out yesterday.  I try not to drink alcohol during the week, but with my mom here I couldn't resist some rose and even an Aperol Spritz when I got home after work on Thursday.

My Blue Jays wine glass got into the dishwasher without me know about it and it didn't make it.  Good thing we're going to the Blue Jays on Sunday so I can get a replacement.

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  1. Now I want some Garrett's popcorn-- haha! For some reason it's showing up as "anonymous", but this is Lauren ;)

  2. I bet it was wonderful to have your mom helping out this week!

  3. Sounds like you had a fun week! I love an Aperol spritz, especially when the weather is warmer!!