Friday, May 27, 2022

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday! Canadians are finishing up their short week, and I know the Americans have their long weekend coming up. 

I'm still feeling unsettled by the Uvalde shooting and then yesterday police in Toronto shot and killed a young man who reportedly had a rifle and was wandering around near some schools in the East End (not near us at all). I still don't understand why this issue has to divide people - wouldn't we all be on the same side of not wanting people to be killed by firearms? Anyway, I've read all the hot takes, and I posted my own on Wednesday. Moving on for today...

One of my very favourite Toronto summer things is coming back this year, the Union Station Summer Market.  I started my job in February 2019 and it was that summer I got to experience the summer market several times on my lunch break.  I am excited it is back this year.  It's basically a bunch of food stands, a biergarten, and live music.  It's a scene, man.
From 2019.

Donuts from Golden Gecko. Procured by E after his piano.  Apparently since he had money at school that day, he also bought popcorn from the grad fundraiser and ice cream from the ice cream truck parked at the playground. 

Dave and his new lawnmower.  Our grass is looking good so far!

When E was at tutoring on Wednesday, Q and I put in some time at the playground.   He was the only kid there so it turned into a bit of a photo shoot.

I said it looked like was riding a dragon when he sat on the teeter-totter like this.

And then he was surfing. 

My favourite spring flowers and scent.

When we got E from tutoring, we went to the Dark Horse for supper.  

I wrote a fun post on Monday for Dave's and my anniversary. 

My trip to Montreal is coming up next week.  We booked dinner and brunch reservations and I've also scoped out some rooftop patios where we could go for a drink.  Add in some shopping and site seeing and we're all set!

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  1. Oh that summertime market looks like a blast. I would be tempted to go every day for lunch!

    1. I really had to stop myself from going all of the time, it's so tempting as I can see it from my office! When the sun is shining I want to be on a patio!

  2. Oh those donuts look amazing! What a fun week. I too love the scent of Lilacs; we had a huge lilac bush right outside our front door growing up and I always associate the smell with a lot of childhood memories.

  3. Thank you for the reminder to go steal some lilacs from my neighbour's bush! It grows into our yard so I always cut a few for our house :)

  4. The summertime markets sound so fun, and how lucky to have them every day!! I'm pretty sure that we only ever get weekend markets here in Sydney.