Friday, May 6, 2022

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday!

We had a lot going on this week and a busy weekend ahead. 

On Tuesday night, Dave and I attended the Ontario Mining Association's 100th Anniversary Dinner with some of my colleagues.  It was at the Design Exchange and the food was delicious!

Meanwhile the kids had dinner with our neighbour friends and we just picked them up when we got home. It worked out better than getting a sitter instead.

The kids wore their Star Wars shirts to acknowledge May the 4th.

I biked to work on Thursday.  I had my computer, lunch, coffee, and clothes. I need to look into getting a pannier so I don't need to carry it all on my back.  It was a little chilly on the ears and there were a million midges that I chewed on while riding but it was great to be back on the bike for two 35 minute rides in one day.  My goal is to bike once or twice a week. 

At my work we have been having COVID meetings on a regular basis since March 2020.  Our first meeting was about 3 hours long on a Sunday night and then we met every couple of days for the first little while.  Then we moved them to weekly, then bi-weekly, and just this week we decided we didn't need to have the meetings anymore, and we could just reconvene if something urgent comes up again.  COVID is still with us of course but now it's just a part of our regular lives and there is no need for a special meeting.  It's an end of an era, and a tear almost came to my eye when we concluded our last meeting. 
We've come a long way.

I've booked a trip to Montreal for the first week of June with some friends. There are no less than a million restaurants in Montreal, so if anyone has any recommendations' so we can narrow it down, please share!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms and grandmothers celebrating this weekend.  My mom will be here in a few weeks so I said I'd take her out for lunch then ;) As if we wouldn't have been going out for lunch anyway!

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  1. Looks like you had a lovely night out! Toronto sounds like it's going to be fun. Happy mother's day.