Thursday, May 26, 2022

Monthly Musings

Linking up with Holly and Patty for this month's edition of Monthly Musings.

1. Favourite summer footwear? 
Birks.  I have the leather version and I want to get the plastic ones in white so I can wear them in situations where my feet may get wet.

2. Favourite Summer Accessories? 
I was thinking of jewelry for this one, but I think my favourite accessory is a hat, mostly because it is necessary. I don't like sun on my head and face if I can help it.  I used to have a straw hat but it kind of got squished in Jamaica so I am looking for a new one so my hat doesn't always have to be a ball cap.

3. Must have summer beauty products?
I like any of the hair protectant products from Drybar. With all of the swimming, sun, and ponytails, I often feel like my hair is looking for love.  These are all pretty good. 

4. Do you have a signature summer fragrance or perfume?
No.  I don't wear perfume anyway so no change for the summer. 

5. Favourite summer outfit?
I love these shorts.  They are from Zella.  They are nice and light, are a good length, don't look too much like athletic shorts, and they have a drawstring.  I have been wearing them so far with a blousy tank top. 
(This is from Jamaica) 

6.  Favourite sunscreen products?
I only buy Ombrelle sunscreen.  Dave prefers the spray, I like the lotion, and I also bought a small bottle of the sheer stuff for under my make up.

7.  Do you prefer a one piece, tankini, or bikini swimsuit?
Tankini or one-piece.
(this one is a tankini)

8.  Do you keep your hair the same in the summer or switch up the style?
I put it up in a ponytail more often is that is what you're referring to ;) A pony tail or low bun is necessary for me when I'm wearing a bike helmet or ball cap, or when I'm swimming or sweating at all. 

9. Favourite summer nail colour?
Any dark jewel colour like a royal blue, magenta or dark purple. For my toes only, I don't get my fingernails done very often, but if I do, I go for something lighter.

10.  Favourite summer lip colour?
I don't wear lipstick, so nude I guess... :)



  1. I try to keep my face and head out of the sun as much as possible too. Those pictures from Jamaica look amazing!

  2. I love Zella active wear too! Thanks for joining us today.