Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Weekend Recap

We had a lovely weekend filled with hot weather.  Dave took the boys to the driving range at the golf club on Friday after school.  Meanwhile I stayed home a did a bit of tidying up, and then that night we watched the Blue Jays game.

Up early on Saturday morning.  Q had ball hockey and E had baseball.

Q and I walked up to the library after ball hockey while we waited for Dave and E to come and pick us up. 

Dave golfed in the afternoon and I went grocery shopping with the boys and then tackled the fun job of switching out my winter clothes for summer clothes.  I got rid of a bunch of things that were just old and worn.  Some I threw out and some I put aside to donate. Then E had Junior Opening Day at the golf club.  There are four pre-juniors so they all played together.

Q and I had dropped him off and then I got McDonalds for Q's dinner.  We went to the playground for a little bit between eating and then getting ready for the hockey game. 

Dave waited around for E after his round. 

We had some people over to watch the hockey game (RIP Leafs) on the projector in the backyard.  It was great to have people over, and we wished it was a better outcome for the game.  

On Sunday morning Dave went for a run and then my mom arrived so we picked her up at the airport.  E was tired after a late night on Saturday. 

My mom and I went to look for some flower baskets.  We went to three places and ended up getting what I wanted at the closest store, so we should have just gone there in the first place! I will remember that next year. 

Dave ran some baseball practice at the park in the afternoon for the boys.  

Supper outside.

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  1. Sounds like a really fun sunny weekend! Switching out wardrobes for the new season is a bit of a chore. But when I get rid of old clothes it always feels great, and I'm also surprised by the amount of "stuff" I have been keeping that I no longer need.