Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Let's Look - Go to Summer Lunches

Linking up with Shay and Erika for this month's Let's Look link up.  For this month we are talking go-to summer lunches. 

There are really just a couple of lunches that are different in the summer from the rest of the year so I'll just mention those here.  I wrote about my normal lunches a couple of months ago here.

Sausages on the BBQ - since we're often out in our yard, it's easy to cook these up 

Corn on the Cob - although sometimes paired with a sandwich or sausage, two ears of corn is enough for a meal on its own for me!

Smorgasbord - cut up meat and cheese, vegetables, dips, fruit, cookies, crackers, and other odds and ends.  Everyone finds enough to eat and we can usually graze on it all afternoon while we are in and out. It's also great because we can clean out a bunch of stuff from the fridge.  This is one of our standard camping "meals" too. 

Webers - When we go camping at Algonquin or Arrowhead we always stop in at Webers on the way up.  Burgers and poutine, yum!

Something special that I buy only in the summer is lemonade and iced tea, the frozen concentrate ones.  Sometimes we will make up one at lunch and all enjoy a glass or two. 


  1. I’m now hungry. I may join you and eat. Regine

  2. A love a sausage sizzle in summer! I just wish that our Weber charcoal BBQ wasn't so time consuming to light up, otherwise I would use it more often.