Thursday, June 16, 2022

Favourite Toronto Restaurants for Summer

Last month I posted about my city, Toronto, but I had neglected to post about my current favourite restaurants.  These restaurants are more suited for summertime so that is why they made the list. These are all downtown or in the west end, as I said in my Toronto post, I don't got east of Yonge :P

Amsterdam Brewhouse - This place has a lot going for it - good food, good beer, great views (it's on the lake), family friendly, a large patio, and easy to get to.  We try to get here at least a couple of times to sit on the patio, but we have been here in the fall and winter too and it is a cozy spot then too.  Recommendation - Spinach and Artichoke Dip and 3 Speed Lager

King Taps - Even though this restaurant is located in First Canadian Place (which is the heart of downtown business in Toronto), and is suitable for a work lunch, it is also great for after work drinks and tourists.  I love being in the centre of all of the downtown activity and the bonus here is the patio that overlooks King Street and the FCP courtyard.  Recommendation - Pepperoni Pizza and something local from the rotating taps menu 

Union Station Food Court - I know, food court, eye roll.  However, you may be coming through Union Station to attend a Blue Jays game or other event downtown, and it's a convenient spot to grab some good food.  There is Union Chicken, home of the best chicken sandwich in the world (the OG), Roywoods, for some pretty legit jerk chicken, and Wvrst, where I've never actually eaten, but has all kinds of sausages, beer, and pretzels and looks like a good scene. 

Planta Burger - There are a couple of "Plantas" in Toronto but this one does burgers and fries, all vegan.  This is also in the downtown core so great for a lunch. They have some indoor seating and a patio, or you could take it away and eat it at a nearby park.  Recommendation - Classic Burger and Cheese Fries

Bandit Brewery - This place has the cutest patio and is great for families too.  Recommendation - Pretzel and a Wizard of Gose.

Nodo - We go to the Nodo in the Junction but I see they have other locations on teh East side so if you're so inclined, you can go there instead.  This place is good in winter too, but I love sitting on their side patio, watching the people go by and enjoying the warm breeze. Recommendation - Seriously everything, but if they have the short rib as a special, get that!

Sunnyside Pavilion - Okay, the food here is fine, not spectacular, but the location is prime.  It's right on the boardwalk on the Sunnyside beach, and beside the big pool.  You can go for a swim and then grab a seat on the patio and people watch all day.  Recommendation - Chicken Club Wrap and  Keith's Draught

Crooked Cue - This is my new favourite place to go.  Not only is the food pretty good, there are TVs everywhere to see whatever sports are on, the roof opens up for some fresh summer air, and every time I'm there I see someone I know. There are also pool tables, although we don't usually play.  Recommendation - Cue-sadilla and Creemore Draught.

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