Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Long Weekend Recap

The last weekend of the summer!  Dave and I packed up the car on Thursday and headed west to the Pinery Provincial Park.  We decided not to take Thursday off work and just arrive late.  It worked out just fine and although we were setting up in the dark, it was okay.  Our friends arrived on Thursday too so we had a campfire with them with the kids planning to arrive the next morning.

On Friday morning Dave and I went for a run, and then came back for a healthy breakfast.

Dave's parents brought the kids to us after keeping them for a week.  They brought their bikes too so we all went on a bike ride.

Then it was beach time. 

We had some cupcakes for Dave's mom's birthday.

Inspired by CBC's Race Against the Tide, Q wanted to build a bunch of sand sculptures, with some help.

This is his dolphin.




And E made a hole.

I love Lake Huron

Working on the turtle

We dragged ourselves away from the beach to make supper.   Q helped with the garlic bread.

Meanwhile E worked on his Rubik Cube.

Yummy supper.

We went down to the beach after supper to catch the sunset and the boys went swimming.

On Saturday morning Q grabbed his hot chocolate just like Dave had his coffee.

We went on a morning hike.  This is our group.

Then family photos.

Off we go.  It was a short hike but so pretty.

This tree was so tall and straight.

After the hike, it was beach time again.  Dave and E went for a bike ride with our friends and Q passed out in the hammock.

We actually decided to pack up that night and go home. The forecast called for rain on Sunday and even though we never like to cancel plans for weather, we really didn't feel like dealing with wet camping stuff just before we were ready to pack it all away for the season.  We did stay for supper and left around 7:30.  But not before getting an ice cream cone on the way out of the park.

It didn't really rain the next day but it was chilly so I guess it was a good idea to come home early. The boys were tired though so it was nice for them to have a good night's sleep at home. 

We did go to a movie on Sunday afternoon - Thor: Love and Thunder - and that was fun.

When we got home the boys went over to the neighbours' to play with the nerf guns.

On Monday morning Dave went golfing so the rest of us went for a bike ride.

We did about 8 km and even found a woodsy trail that was a bit more fun that just the pavement.

I made a coconut cream pie (requested by E), apple cookies (for school lunch boxes!), finished a book, folded laundry, and then we had this yummy kale salad for supper with chicken. 

There was also a moment when a plane from the air show flew over our house and it was so loud I was convinced it was going to crash.  I've never been to an air show so I can't speak to how good they are,  and maybe they are, but mostly they just scare the bejeezus out of me! 

We watched the Amazing Race Canada after supper and enjoyed the pie and then tried to get the kids to bed at a decent time. School doesn't start until Wednesday but good to get them into some sort of routine!

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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful time camping at the beach! We've had a plane fly over our house and land on the lake in front of us; talk about thinking the plane was going to crash into us! We had no idea why it was flying so low until it landed.