Friday, September 9, 2022

Her Majesty

I am an unapologetic monarchist and I am sad that Her Majesty the Queen has now died.  What a tremendous life she led.  We will be seeing much of that life over the coming days as the various news networks reflect. I will miss hearing her Christmas message each year and seeing her at the various Royal events.  Her presence throughout my life was a constant and one feels slightly unbalanced when those things fall away. 

I wrote about why I love the Royal Family here. Now a few things have changed since then but I am still a devoted supporter of the royals, especially Her Majesty.  This is one of those times when many statements can be true all at once. Regardless of those conflicting feelings, I will leave you with "Long Live the King". 


  1. It still feels so surreal to know that she is gone. I don't believe she had ever truly recovered from the loss of Prince Phillip, her rock & stay. It is with tears that I say Long Live The King, not because I don't like Charles, it is because we no longer have Her Majesty, Elizabeth II. .... A fellow Canadian Royalist

  2. It’s hard to imagine a world without Queen Elizabeth II. She truly was a wonderful lady. I am a monarchist too and would not like to see Australia become a republic.