Friday, September 30, 2022

Friday Favourites/Monthly Musings


Linking up with Patty and Holly for Monthly Musings - a day late, but I'm here!

1. How do you decorate for fall/Halloween?
Mostly with simple touches around the house, orange and red colours, a few Halloween things, but mostly for fall.  

2. Do you decorate inside? Outside? Or both?

3.When do you do your fall decorating?
Usually between now and Thanksgiving (October 10th this year).  I bought some mums yesterday so this weekend I will get out the fall decorations. 

4. How do you decorate with pumpkins?
I usually buy some of those decorative gourds and mini-pumpkins for inside, and then three or four for outside to carve for Halloween night. We don't buy them until just a couple of days before Halloween otherwise the squirrels eat them.

5. Do you add lights to your decorating?

6. Do you do anything special for Halloween dinner?
Yes, we usually have baked chicken tacos for Halloween dinner.  I have also made stuffed peppers with carved jack o'lantern faces, or pumpkin mac and cheese. 

7. Favourite Halloween candy?

8. Full or fun sized chocolate bars?
We just give out the small size treats.

9. Best fall decor tips?
Don't buy too many pumpkins, it's just a waste. Get a few to carve and that's enough.

10. Pumpkin spice, yes or no?
I usually have about one pumpkin spice latte per year and I've already had it this time. And I will make one pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and that's the extent of my pumpkin spice items. 

Since it's Friday, I'm sharing a few things from our week.

On Thursday it was Q's 6th birthday so we had some birthday fun on that day.
I was working that morning at the office so I although I didn't have time to make birthday waffles, I did pick up some chocolate croissants.  (See CNN in the background as we caught up with the Hurricane Ian devastation, horrible!)

Presents after supper.  He got a new watch and Transformer, among other things. 

We had dinner at our favourite plate, Queen Margherita Pizza.

It was also photo day at school on Thursday so the boys were spiffied up for that.  They wanted to wear their blazers and Q opted for a bow tie as well.

A few other things to mention - the boys will be wearing orange to school for the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation today, both kids will be running in the cross-country meet next week, I've been listening to Coolio and other great 90s rap following news of his death, Dave and I are watching Welcome to Wrexham, and I'm excited that the Blue Jays have clinched the Wild Card spot.

I love summer, but I'm also glad fall is filled with so many fun things.

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  1. Thanks you for joining us. Now I am craving stuffed peppers. I have not had those in a long time!

  2. Happy birthday to Q!! Looks like he had a great day and both your boys looked very handsome for their photos! I love how you guys decorate for Autumn. We don't really do that here in Australia. Maybe we should then the colder months wouldn't be so long and dreary!