Monday, September 12, 2022

Not Just A Mom Link Up - Favourite Workout Places


Hi Everyone!  Today on our "Not Just A Mom" link up party, we are talking about our Favourite Workout Places. Check out what other people have written about below and link up with us too if you have a blog. 

I have had many different routines for working out/exercising throughout my life.  And I thought I would go through some of them here, but to answer the question for today's prompt, my current favourite place to workout is my basement.  We have a Peloton so I use it for spinning and strength workouts with the occasional stretch, pilates, or yoga class thrown in.  Our basement is large with a high ceiling (very rare for old Toronto homes).  We have a good set of weights form 5lbs to 35lbs.  We have yoga mats, yoga blocks, bands, a kettlebell, and foam rollers. 

My exercise habits over the years (somewhat in order, as much as I can remember):
- Walking
- Running on the Dalplex track, using the weight machines in the "little man" gym (if you know, you know)
- Running on the trails in Fredericton
- Yoga (the best class I was ever a part of was on Thursdays at the gym in Saint John, NB, when I was articling.  The instructor always just took energy from the room to design her classes as she went and it was always the perfect class for me.)
- Good Life group classes (Body Pump, Step, Spinning)
- Running near the Humber River and Lake Ontario in Toronto (including training for two half marathons)
- Good Life Personal Trainer
- Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga
- Early Morning Boot Camp
- Think Fitness Mama and Baby strength classes
- Soar Studio group classes (Pilates, Yoga, Barre)
- Peloton

Stay fit and have fun! (Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod)

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  1. That is a lovely space for working out!

  2. I had trained for a half marathon once too. Now I just run 2 miles at a time and that's enough!

  3. i love the idea of putting your mats and foam rollers in the round bin. mine end up all over the place.

  4. I love your workout setup in the basement! I like how you put the yoga mats and foam rollers into that basket. We have ours just leaning up in the corner of the closet and I get very annoyed by them. I think I need to buy a basket just like that. Do you happen to have a link to yours?

  5. Your basement is great! I think I would like a Peleton...I've heard the app has so much to offer too.

    1. and you can always get the app without the bike and use it for strength, yoga, pilates, outdoor runs/walks, etc.