Thursday, September 1, 2022

Summer Recap

We have had a glorious summer, the weather was pretty great, and we did many fun things.

We kicked it off with a camping trip to Algonquin for Canada Day weekend. 

With friends...

...and great views.

Then we dropped this cool dude off for two weeks of Muskoka Woods.

Meanwhile Q was in day camp and we started our Wednesday tradition of going to the Annette Farmer's Market. 

Q and I went for a paddle board on the Humber River.

I golfed with a friend a couple of times. 

When we picked up E from camp we spent a night up in Midland and enjoyed the offerings of Balm Beach.

E and I had a lunch date.

We swam at Sunnyside and had lunch at the Pavilion. 

We flew to Cape Breton for a week to spend with family.

I went to Miami for work and snuck away for a couple of hours to South Beach.

My dad and his wife visited and we took in a Jays game, complete with Vladdy Jr. Bobblehead.

We did another camping trip with this lovely group at Arrowhead.

The kids played sports - Q had soccer and t-ball, E had baseball and golf.

Dave and I had a few days to ourselves with the kids away with Dave's parents. 

We have our camping trip to the Pinery this weekend and then school starts on Wednesday.  I know we will have a few more nice weeks of weather, but summer is pretty much over!

This was my Summer To Do list and we did pretty well!

I don't know Dave's actual number for rounds of golf, but I know he will exceed that goal before the golf season is over. 

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