Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Weekend Recap

 We kicked off our weekend with Q's first skating lesson.  I remembered to bring a coat and blanket as it was cold in the rink. 

Then we walked up the street for the Ukrainian Festival.  This happens every year, but of cousre not in 2020 and 2021 and with the current conflict in Ukraine, it was an extra special year to go out and support the festival.  I love seeing everyone with their embroidered Ukrainian shirts, and this year I even saw a couple of shirts with the famous quote "Russian warship, go f*ck yourself!!".  

We saw a couple of people and then grabbed dinner at Shakeys.  They had some special items on the menu for the festival so we got some pierogis.

Both boys tried the rock climbing. E is a pro at this, but it was Q's first time.  He was a little nervous but did pretty well.  We got a video but forgot to take an actual photo of him.

We didn't stay out too late since it was important for the boys to get a good night's sleep for E's championship baseball game in the morning. 

Q was all set with the sign and we all wore green.  The players and fans loved the sign!

Some good handiwork by the grounds crew (our friend Mike!).

Warming up in the outfield.  It was a beautiful morning for baseball.

They went to extra innings after tying it up at the bottom of the last regular inning but ran out of good pitches.  However, it was a successful season and the Green Beans definitely had fun. 

I photobombed this team photo with our sign in the back.

Ice cream truck treats for all.

E and many of his teammates chose a green slush to match their uniforms.

We went home for lunch and a bit of a rest and then went up to enjoy more of the festival.

It was hot!!

The kids did some rides, got some junk food, and then we went out for dinner with our friends.

Oh yeah, and we ran into Spiderman!

A Dark Horse, we were lucky to get a table for 8!

I made muffins on Sunday morning and when I came back from my shower, I said "okay, the muffins should be cool enough to eat now" and Q already had one, so he thought that was pretty funny!

We went to church while Dave went to the ski hill for the racing club AGM.  We had cake after the service.

After lunch we biked to E's friend's house to drop him off for a birthday party.  Poor Q fell off his bike twice, the second time requiring a band aid, which we had to procure from E's friend's mom and Q was feeling pretty poorly as we biked home in the rain.  But he made it and when we got home, we put on dry clothes, made popcorn, and watched the Blue Jays.  Dave got home mid-afternoon and E came home around 5:30 from the birthday party.  We had a good dinner of Korean short ribs from Rowe Farms, the kids showered and we watched The Great British Baking Show and Handmaid's Tale.

Since I'm away for a couple of days, I'll be back on Friday with some Friday Favourites. 

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