Thursday, May 17, 2018

Why the Royal Family

In honour of Harry and Meghan's wedding this weekend, I thought I would write about Why I love the Royal Family....and the answer is easy, I just do, okay?! But seriously, I don't have a really good reason about why I love them, but I have been interested in them for my whole life.  So here are a few possible reasons:

My grandmother always loved the Queen; her parents originally came from England so she had an affinity to the royals.  My grandparents were married in the same year as Elizabeth and Philip, so I think she felt connected to them in that way.  We always listened to the Queen's Christmas Day message.

Charles and Diana got married the same year I was born, and apparently I got up early with my mom to watch their wedding (at about 7 weeks old).

Although I hadn't moved to Shelburne yet, Charles and Diana visited there in 1983.

I always loved Sarah, Duchess of York, for obvious reasons.

Since William is a year younger than us, my friends and I would always dream of meeting him somewhere and marrying him and becoming a princess.  And even though Harry was a few years younger, we always loved him too.

I of course remember vividly when Diana died and since I was in high school, it was very dramatic.

I will be up at 4:00 am to watching the wedding on Saturday morning.  I'm also very excited to see who the guests will be; the Mulroney children are in the wedding which I think is just so cool!

I know there are probably several reasons to not be supportive of the Royal Family, but I am not interested in them.  I think they have done a good job of changing with the times and supporting various causes.  Their pomp and circumstance is a refreshing change from the doldrums of politics.

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  1. I'm with you, Sarah! And another connection, Princess Anne. I will be up early, too. I'll be interested in the music, as well.