Friday, May 25, 2018

Friday Favourites

I'm not sure why 4 day weeks seem longer, but this one did!  Glad it is Friday and that the weather is nice!

Here is another photo from last weekend that Lucy sent along. Q was clearly on the run here.

Dave and Q joined us for family track night on Wednesday.  I was still the only one doing the workout, but it was good to have the support!

I picked up some nice things at H and M last weekend and can tell I will get a lot of wear out of them.  This dress is one of the things I got, along with a few tops.

Avocado toast sort of gets a bad wrap for being cliche, but I love it.  I particularly enjoyed it with some boiled eggs this week for my lunch.

Dave and I celebrated our anniversary on Wednesday and tonight we are going out to celebrate.   We are trying two new places in a new area of town (although still on the West side of course!) - Midfield Wine Bar for drinks and apps to start, and then onto Branca.  Both recommended by a friend at work and we are always excited to try out new spots!

So our bank just got the ability to cash cheques by taking a photo and uploading it the mobile banking app.  Since cashing cheques was basically the only reason I ever visited a bank, I am excited about this!  (If your bank already had this, let me have my moment!)

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  1. LOL at the mobile banking app and checks. You take your moment, girl! Love how they bought snacks to watch you work out

  2. Smart looking dress! Avocado and eggs....yummy!

  3. Mobile cheque deposit was one of my favourite things this week too! FINALLY! Happy belated anniversary!