Monday, May 7, 2018

May Link Up

1. Comedy or Drama?

2. Fiction or Non-Fiction?
Mostly fiction, but I will read the odd non-fiction book, like a biography or memoir, or a parenting book. 

3. Movies in Theatre or At Home?
I like movies in the theatre although I rarely go there.  I like movie popcorn. 

4. Musical or Play?
Neither, but since I've seen Come From Away and will be seeing it again this month, and Hamilton next month, I guess I'd better say Musical!

5. Which meal of the day is your favourite to eat out?

6. Favourite book ever read?
Gone with the Wind.  I've read it so many times but haven't read it for a few years.  Maybe I'll pick it up again this summer. 

7.  Game Night - Yes or No?
No.  Board games are okay, but I really don't like playing them for a long time. One round of a game is usually plenty. 

8.  Favourite Outside Game to play?

9. Favourite TV series ever?
Seinfeld, hands down.  Not even a question.

10.  Sitcoms growing up or sitcoms today?
Sitcoms from growing up.  I find the ones from today pretty stupid. 

11. Miniature Golf or Bowling?
This is a tough call.  Both are equally fun. 

12. Favourite Movie Theatre Candy?
Red Nibs

13. How do you like your popcorn?
With butter.  And if I'm at the movie theatre, I want the fake butter, not the real stuff.

14. 3D movies with glasses - Yes or No?
Yes, but I need to wear a hoodie so I don't have a peripheral vision.  Weird, I know.

15. Favourite genre of books to read?
Historical Fiction.  I like books based in reality but with its own characters.


  1. Totally forgot about this link up today ;-). Love me some movie theatre popcorn and sitcoms from yesteryear

  2. Okay, how did I not know Gone with the Wind was a book? I always just thought it was a movie! lol And I love fake butter too! Lol way better!