Wednesday, May 9, 2018

How We Wednesday

Today we are talking about how we transition our wardrobe for Spring.  

Shoes - I have a couple of pairs of Toms that I like to wear (without socks) when it is too warm for boots but too cold for sandals.  

Jackets - I find it hard to wear a blazer under a big winter coat so I often don't wear them during the winter, but in the spring my blazer will become my jacket. 

Pants - I hate wearing jeans even when it becomes slightly hot, so I have a few pairs of coloured khakis I got years ago at the Gap.  They are light, but still warm enough when it's too cold for shorts.  And I can wear them to work for casual Friday or to church. 

Scarves - I can't do a post about my wardrobe without mentioning my scarves!  Haha.  Always great for a cool day, or when the air conditioning starts up in my office. 

I tend to wear bright coloured tops and dresses all year round.  I do have a lot of black clothes but I always think it is funny that people comment that I look "springy" when I'm wearing them in March or April.  I wear some of these things in January, what's the difference?!

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