Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Current To Do List

I keep several ongoing lists on my phone at all times, one is devoted to things to do.  That list currently includes:

- Plan gallery wall.  This has been on my list for a few months now.  We have a few photos and artwork that we want to put up in the basement.  We have most of the things we need, we just need to spend some time on it.

- Wash blankets from the couch.  Now that it is actually warm, I will wash and store our fluffier blankets on the couch and replace them with a couple of thinner blankets.  Even on hot nights, I like to have something covering my legs.

- Buy contacts. I need to find a place online where I can buy these but I usually forget at night time and when i think about it during the day, I realize I have forgotten to bring my prescription with me so I know what to order! But I'm currently wearing the wrong one in my left eye so I need to get the new ones.

- Go to Harry's Charbroiled.  This is a cool burger joint with some neat cocktails.  We need to pop in some day soon and see what the fuss is about.

- Vacuum the basement.  Dave vacuumed the guest room and bathroom before his parents came, but I want to do the lower basement where we play hockey and baseball.

- Dust our bedrooms.  I am good at putting stuff away and tidying up but actual dusting seems to fall to the bottom of the list all of the time.  I will hopefully get to it this weekend.

- Pay for field trip. E's class is going to see a play next week. We can pay for the fee online rather than send cash to school.

- Order Bingo cards. E's annual bingo night at school is next week and like the field trip fee, we can also pre-order bingo cards, pizza, etc. online.

- Sunscreen.  My nemesis, sunscreen.  First, I spend a lot of time looking at each bottle and determining which ones have the best ingredients (I think I've finally narrowed it down to Ombrelle), and then I have to keep an eye open to make sure we get it on sale and stock up, and then everyone needs to be equipped with sunscreen at all times, and then of course we need to remember to apply the sunscreen before school.  Q's daycare asked us for a resupply this week so it begins.

And then I constantly have blog posts, various food items to prepare, and laundry on my list.  Right now I want to make these muffins but I don't have all of the ingredients.

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  1. Love reading other people's to do lists--- must mean that I'm pretty nosy LOL