Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Weekend Recap

We had a busy long weekend with a few out of town visitors.  On Friday night we went over to our neighbours and enjoyed some good food.  Q loaded up on the watermelon.  

The next morning I was up before 5:00 am to watch the Royal Wedding.  I loved every minute of it!.  The weather was kind of blah so I went shopping with my cousin Emma at the Eaton Centre.  Then we went over to the Distillery District to meet her cousins for lunch at La Catrin.  

While we were gone, Dave took the boys to the park to play t-ball.

We went downtown to The Drake 150 for supper that night.

Dave, Rebecca, Me, Emma, and Kathryn.  (Unfortunately our other visitor, Lucy, was not feeling well and did not make it to dinner with us).

On Sunday morning, Rebecca and Dave went for a big run.  This it the before when they were still smiling broadly.

I took the boys to church.  E made a crown with flames on it for Pentecost and we had some cake after the service.

For the rest of the afternoon I did some errands, and then we just hung out around the house.  I made this chicken dish and went to yoga after supper.  

On the holiday Monday, we went down to Harbourfront and walked around.  It was a beautiful morning and not too hot.  We rarely go down to this area but they have a lot going on for kids so we want to head down again soon. 

Lucy, feeling better, hanging with Q.

We caught Fred Penner doing a soundcheck!

Big checkers

We had an early lunch at Amsterdam Brewhouse.  It was very nice on the patio and the food/beer was tasty!

After all of our guests left, we had some quiet time and then headed up to the park to play ping pong.

E had his first soccer practice of the season after supper.  

I love long weekends, but they are always so busy! 


  1. You sure were busy! Nice to enjoy great food and explore the city with your visitors. Thanks for the photos of the kids...happy and active!

  2. Love me some long weekends too! This one looks wonderful!