Thursday, May 10, 2018

Shout out to the moms!

Mother's Day is coming up and I think we deserve a shout out!  To all you moms who are raising little kids right now, you're doing a good job!!

Crying child kept out too late

Setting aside our other obligations for a second (husbands, jobs, the house, to ourselves), being a mom is a tough gig.  We think about a million things everything - starting with did our kids get enough sleep last night, are they getting a healthy breakfast what do I put in their lunch that they will eat but is also good for them.  Did I engage with them in the morning or was I too concerned with getting out the door while at the same time encouraging independence to get shoes and jackets on.
Jam toast because he didn't eat supper
Then there are the other non-daily events when you're cleaning puke out of a stuffy at midnight, worrying if their cough means you need to get out of bed to give them cough medicine or start up the humidifier, or thinking about whether they are registered in enough extra-curricular events, or too many.

There are contradictions like feeding them healthy food, but making sure they are eating something, and then wanting to allow treats so you can be the fun mom.  Doesn't every trip to the park deserve an ice cream?  And also fostering creativity but also wanting clothes to match, fit properly, and not have holes in them.  Bribing them with iPad time or TV shows to complete school work or reading tasks but also letting them watch those things because they're kids and should be able to do that without having to complete some task.

And then you read a blog post about chores and then you feel like you should start a chore chart and allowance, but you also know your own kid and realize they won't care if they have money in their piggy bank or not.

Or they ask a question about something rather serious or display a moment of ungratefulness and you feel the need to turn this into a valuable teaching moment where you then have to pick the right words so they understand but are not overwhelmed with too much information.

Soother at dinner because he won't stop whining. 

And this is just the half of it!!

And no matter what, you're still doing it right because they are your kids and you're the mom, and if you're worried about all of those things, then you're already doing a good job.

Happy Mother's Day!!


  1. Wow! It is amazing when you write it down! And as you say, that is just the half of it! Happy Mother's Day, Sarah! You are a wonderful mother!

  2. The allowance in our house is the same struggle LOL! I started it with a giving, saving and spending jar but quite often forget to give her allowance or never have the right change. There are sooo many struggles as a mama!