Friday, November 18, 2022

Friday Favourites


Happy Friday!

Toronto had it's first snowfall this week.  I thought it was just going be a light dusting so I was excited to see the snow from my office window.  Then it kept snowing and actually accumulated to something.  

We drive through this little grove of trees/bushes on our way to the school and it is always so pretty when the snow falls.  I actually stopped my car in the street so I could snap this on the way through. It's also really pretty in the fall and spring.

We are up to date with our vaccines - the kids got their third COVID shot and we got our fourth.  And we all got our flu shots. It was great to get it done all at once.  

It was Beaujolais Nouveau Day yesterday, which is the day this season's Beaujolais Nouveau wines are released.  I celebrate because my intro to this wine was my uncle who has since died so I raise a glass each year in memory of him and say thank you for showing me this tasty holiday refreshment.  I'm eagerly awaiting their arrival at the LCBO.

I don't have much else to tell you about this week and it was a busy one for Dave and me at work, while trying to stay healthy, and rested. I shared my Christmas wish list on Wednesday, our weekend recap on Tuesday, and things I was influenced into buying on Monday.
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  1. The snow always does look so pretty... I just find myself wishing it wasn't so cold and wet! LOL

  2. The snow looks so pretty! That’s so good that you all got your shots and are up to date with your vaccines. I love how you raise a glass to your uncle, what a lovely thing to do.