Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Let's Look - Where we shop for our moms

Hello!  Today's link up is out where we shop for our moms, but I thought I would expand it to be where we shop for the women in our lives.  I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet and haven't even turned my mind to it.  I will give some ideas for gifts based on what I've purchased in years past and hopefully I won't spoil any gift I may buy for this year. 

Like many others who will be linking up to this, I enjoy Nordstrom.  They do a great job of showcasing their products and the people that work there are always so nice.  My number one recommendation for any woman is a Barefoot Dreams cardigan.  When I went to get this link from Nordstrom it appears to be on sale so now may be the time to buy one. I wear mine at home and it is one of my favourite cozy items. 

Barefoot Dreams also makes a blanket.  Nordstrom Rack usually has some for a better price. I have one and gave one to my mom, and a friend last year. 

Another cozy and more affordable option for blankets is this Bliss Plush Throw.  I picked up a few of these last year too. 

Another store I like to shop at is Simons (only in Canada, sorry Americans).  It is a department store like Nordstrom, but had a wider range of price points.  I like picking out sweaters, pyjamas, and home decor items there, your dollar goes a long way and you get good quality. 

Nordstrom or Sephora has nice beauty products that you can easily buy for someone else - hair stuff from Drybarfresh lip balmbody cream and more!

One year I got my mom a Metalbird cardinal for her yard, and another year a whirlygig. 

I recommend a Theragun Mini to anyone that works out or is getting past a certain age (ahem, 40). It is so great for those sore muscles.  We have given them to our parents already.

Making a photo book or calendar on Shutterfly or other online photo service is actually pretty easy.  I just upload the suitable photos from the last year and Shutterfly basically puts the book together for me and I just do a little editing before I click print and ship!

And other local places are nice to pick up coffee beans, artisan chocolates, soaps, or Christmas decorations. A local store that I got lots of gifts at last year was Good Neighbour on Roncesvalles. 

The thing about gift giving, particularly for our moms, is that everyone has different parameters. Some people you can buy clothing for, others are always looking for new candles, mugs, or jewellery, and others don't need any more "stuff" (ahem, Mom).  I certainly think about someone's interests and needs when buying gifts, but also try to get something that I would also enjoy.  Things like new appliances, luggage, specific toiletry items, etc. are only good if you know the person wants them. 

Conveniently the last post of the year for next month is how we host holiday parties. We've been doing that for years now so I have some great tips!

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  1. I try to keep the gift giver in mind also and yet only buy things I think I would genuinely like to get myself.