Monday, November 14, 2022

Not Just a Mom - Influenced

Ooh, this is a fun topic today - the "Internet Made Me Buy It".  In other words, something we've seen advertised or recommended by someone and we bought it!  I always say I am a marketer's dream. I buy what most people are selling, haha. Not quite, but I appreciate those things that are designed to encourage buying like the Starbucks holiday cups, celebrity products, and beer or wine with pretty labels. 

I'm sure I'll think of many more examples of things I bought because the internet made me, but these are the ones I could think of now.

I think this sweater was one of the first things I bought based on a Facebook/Instagram ad.  I kept seeing the Chicwish ads and finally clicked through to buy it.  The heart patches are on the elbows.   It's not only cute but also good quality.

Another Instagram ad I clicked on was for Cupshe when I was looking for stuff for Jamaica.  I ended up not buying the dress that was in the ad, but I did get this dress and bathing suit.  Quality is okay, but the prices were good.

I also clicked on a link just recently to buy a holiday shirt.  I'll wait until it arrives until I show it off, but it will go with the other holiday shirt I have.

I was influenced to buy this sweater off Amazon first from Shay's recommendation but solidified after Natasha said she bought it and liked it. 

I bought these lunch boxes based on a back to school post by Andrea.

I bought the Bruush electric toothbrush for Dave after seeing it on Instagram.  He got one for me after trying it out for a few months.

I bought these white birks after seeing so many people wearing them on Instagram and deciding they would be suitable for me too.

And this jacket based on my friend's recommendation (although that was in person and not on the "internet") and these jeans from Kut after seeing them recommended. I also bought a pair of Wit and Wisdom jeans that I know are popular.

As much as I have been influenced, I actually have stopped following a bunch of accounts where it seemed all they did was promote products. I get it, this is a business now, but I'm also interested in bloggers/posters that share a bit more than that.

Check out the posts linked below to see how others have been influenced.

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  1. I agree on not liking when bloggers only share products. I do like real reviews though!

  2. I agree about getting annoyed by people pushing products all the time. I also understand it's a business, but that's not why I started following them in the first place. I miss reading/seeing the quality content! Lauren from Don't Mind Our Mess, not Anonymous :)

  3. I just bought some electric toothbrushes for my boys; I bought one last year that Kim from Life As Kim Suggested and I loved it so much I convinced my husband to buy one. They are fabulous! I find that I too tend to shy away from influencers that only seem to be pushing wares; I want to get to know them, know their tastes, and share products in a more natural way.

  4. Your cupshe dress is so cute! I have those same white faux birks and love wearing them in the summer. I also have the Shay cardigan. haha. It's a good one too!

  5. I love the the cardigan with the hearts it’s so cute! I’m often tempted to buy things that I see on blogs but then I see what shipping costs to Australia and that stops me quick smart!

  6. I'm guilty of rushing and only sharing products, I need to do better reviews. and ohh we need new toothbrushes