Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Weekend Recap

On Friday night Dave and I went out, all the way to the East side of Toronto.  First we had dinner at Danforth Sidebar, and then we went next door to the Danforth Music Hall to see Noah Reid, who some of you may know from his role in Schitt's Creek, he was Patrick.

Loved hearing him sing live!

On Saturday we cancelled all of our plans as the boys had coughs and were tired.  I did walk up the street to get a few things, and then took down the fall decorations.  

We had a charcuterie board for dinner. And after Q went to bed, we watched The Wonder. I had read the book and the movie was really good, dare I say as good as the book?! Plus Florence Pugh is in it and she is fabulous.

I went to church in the morning.  The boys stayed home and Dave cut their hair.  It was so nice outside that I made everyone go outside for a walk and we went with another family too.

Cold but look at the blue sky.

We had a roast chicken for supper and it was delicious.


  1. What a lovely weekend! I have one fighting off a nasty cold too and it just keep lingering... But I also often make them get out and get some fresh air as I think that makes such a huge difference on our immune system and just our mental health in general.

  2. Noah Reid...how fun. I love Schitt's Creek. The outside snowy photos are so fun. I'm sure it felt great to be outside in the fresh air.