Thursday, November 24, 2022

Monthly Musings

This link up actually happened last week, but I still wanted to answer the prompts.

1. Favourite holiday traditions?
Our annual Christmas party for neighbours and friends, lobster, oysters for Christmas Eve, seeing Santa at the mall and then getting McDonalds.

2. What holidays do you celebrate?

3. How early do you shop?
I try to get started mid-November.  This week I realized I'd better get moving so I have done a good chunk of it now.

4. When do you decorate?
About a month before Christmas.  We get a real tree so we can't put it up too early.  This is the weekend we will get our tree.

5. Do you host any holiday festivities?
Yes, the second Saturday of the month we invite our neighbours, friends, and family for a drop in party.  It has been great fun since we moved into this house in 2014.  Then our parents alternate spending Christmas with us, this year it is Dave's family's turn to be here.  

6. Favourite holiday meals or recipes to share?
We do turkey dinner for Christmas with the normal fixings.  I also make shrimp butter and oat cakes (recipe here), turkey risotto (recipe), and Dave makes the best roasted potatoes (recipe) to go with our lobster.

7. Best holiday organization tips?
I keep the same list on a Google Doc.  We basically do the same things each year so aside from a few tweaks to party treats and menu, I don't have to rethink it, just call up the previous year's list.  

8.  Gift wrapping? Love it or hate it?
I don't mind it unless it's happening on Christmas Eve.  I really try to get everything done before then.  I like to close myself in the guest room and put a movie on the iPad and get it all done.  

9. Holiday coffee drink? Yes please or hard pass?
Yes please.  I like to put some Irish Whisky and Baileys in my coffee when I'm at home.  And I will get at least one peppermint mocha from Starbucks or something seasonal from Balzac's.

10. Are you a holiday baker? Recipes to share?
Yes. I bake cookies for our party and will make something for Christmas Day dessert.  I also love Jamie Oliver's panettone bread pudding.  I have his Christmas cookbook, but you can also find the recipe here



  1. Next to book referrals, recipe recommendations are my favourite - thank you for yours. I've requested from the library Jamie Oliver's Christmas cookbook; I want to try the turkey risotto. ... Mary-Lou

  2. I really should make the same things each year and keep it simple but I like to try new recipes mixed in with old favorites. I tend to start my shopping in November too so that the bulk of it is all done by the first or second week of December.