Friday, November 25, 2022

Friday Favourites

I caught this beautiful sunset from my office window on Monday night.  I tried to catch it as best as I could through the window. 

We have stepped up our homework game (perhaps spurred by some recent report cards).  Q is working on sight words and E is doing long division.  The hot apple cider helped too.

I bought a few early gifts - Green is for Christmas, part of the Crayons book series. 

And some Harry Potter tree ornaments.  This could be an advent calendar but we just opened them all up.  They come with this paper tree but they will go on E's tree in his room when it goes up.

The kids worked on some Christmas cards for seniors in our church congregation. 

So creative!

On Monday I wrote about some Christmas music I'm enjoying right now, but I left off another gem that I was reminded of this week. Bring Me Love on John Legend's Christmas album, you'll be bopping along.

Speaking of being influenced, I picked up this cute t-shirt after seeing the ad on Instagram. It's from Light and Shine  I got a medium and it's a bit long, but since I'll be tucking it in anyway, it will be great. 

From now until Christmas we are going to be full out (to borrow a phrase from "Cheer"). Every weekend is jammed packed with fun and events, and really I can't wait.  We had two years of quiet holidays and I'm excited the events are back.  That said, I will still try to take some quiet time using my own little mediation guide I posted about on Wednesday.

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  1. The sunset is stunning! I love the HP ornaments and homemade cards. Precious! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

  2. I love a pretty sunset and the one from your office window looks so beautiful. What an amazing view! I like your Christmas T-shirt, I have a couple that I have stored away somewhere. You've inspired me to find them so I can wear them to preschool. I can't believe we only have about three weeks left before the school year is done! Like you I have quite a few fun events that I am looking forward to leading up to Christmas. It's such a lovey time of the year isn't it 😊