Friday, June 21, 2024

Friday Favourites


Happy Friday!  We are in the home stretch Canadian public school parents! One more week of school.  We will start our summer with a camping trip and then dropping the kids at overnight camp so this weekend and next week will be busy packing for that. 

In preparation for camp I took the boys to the mall on Wednesday night.  E needed t-shirts, Q needed PJs, and they both needed sandals.  E picked out some slides and Q managed to convince me to get Crocs. If you know me at all you know I despise Crocs, but Q really wanted them so can can you do!? E agrees with me that Crocs are dumb so I told him he is my favourite child, hahah!

Q was pumped though.

He picked out these jibbets. 

A colleague of mine used the phrase "having a bun fight" which I had never heard before, but it means light arguing about something, not with "knives" or "guns", but by throwing buns.  I guess it's a British saying?  Anyway after I heard that I was in the elevator and there was some bread so I snapped it and sent it to my boss saying "looks like someone in the elevator was having a bun fight!".  Hahah.

Last night the school had its annual Party in the Playground - bouncy castles/slides, BBQ, jar walk, and lots of other treats and games.  The boys had fun running around with their friends.  I did corral them to eat supper though.

Then I volunteered at ticket sales and got poured on!  We got a bit of a reprieve but I was already soaked.

Then we were getting ready to leave and it poured again!! So much rain, the occasional thunderclap, and some gusty wind.  It was Extreme School Fair (this is a throwback reference to the time we were on a patio in Little Italy when the classic Southern Ontario rainstorm came upon us and everyone was running inside and tables were turning over, we called it was Extreme Patio, a very niche joke!).

Since we had biked we needed to walk the bikes home as it was too slippery and rainy to bike.  It was crazy. When we arrived home, we dried out our bags and clothes and got cozy.  I always associate popcorn (and red wine) with being cozy so we made that when we got home and then settled in to watch the Argentina v. Canada soccer game. 

I posted about the boys' school years this week - Grade 7 and Grade 2.  Decent years for both, lots of growth.

My favourite podcast, The Bridge, had two special shows last week and this week where listeners wrote in with their favourite Canadian songs (written or performed by a Canadian).  There were so many great tunes that people mentioned, particularly from The Tragically Hip and Gordon Lightfoot.  A few that stuck out as my personal favourites are The Tournament of Hearts by The Weakerthans.  Sonny's Dream by Ron Hynes, and A Case of You by Joni Mitchell (I also like Noah Reid's cover).  You can see the whole list here.  Canada Day is coming up so it's a good time to appreciate our Canadian artists!

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  1. I’m not a fan of Crocs, but my kids love them! I have to admit they are so easy to clean so I don’t mind when they tromp in puddles and get them dirty. A rinse with the water hose and they’re good as new!

  2. Haha, I'm with you on the Crocs, but Q has wonderful taste in Jibbets! I hadn't associated popcorn with coziness, but red wine, yes! Just to be sure, I think I need to try this combo right now because it's raining and miserable over here. Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. L & E’s stamp of approval on the jibbets :)